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Welcome to the Daventry & District Chess Club

Daventry Chess Club plays in the Coventry & Leamington Chess League.

We are a local friendly chess club based in the meeting room of the Daventry Conservative Club which is located on the High Street in Daventry.

Club nights are on Wednesday's between 7:30 and 10:30 from September to May, during the summer break, members play games, practice tactics and ideas.

One Team in the Coventry League Division 3 and another in Leamington League Division 4.  We also have members making up other teams to play in the League U8750 and U1600 Knock Outs.  Players are also playing for various Individual Knock Out Cup competitions

All guests must sign the guest book which is by the entrance.  Visiting teams just needs to put their club team name for example "Club Team - Chess"



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