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The club nights is on a Wednesday, most members play in one of the teams.  We also have internal Tournaments.  These have different time constraints and rules depending on which one you are playing in.  They are all play all, the main one is played to full time limit and games recorded according to League Regulations.  We play a Quick Play, all play all the time limit is 30 minutes each, games do not have to be recorded.  Our AGM is held in May/June time which is also when we play a Lightning Tournament, this is five minutes each on the clock, it's fast its furious and halarious monumental mistakes are made.


The club was formed on the 18th September 1972, orginally in one of the rooms in the Daventry Community Association.  In the first AGM in 1973, the cost of this was orginally 38p and rose to 50p per evening.  The room was currently adequit however other arrangements would be needed if membership increased.  The original membership cost was £3.00, with options of paying £1 installments and juniors being £1.50 with installments of 50p.  We then defined a senior as someone if full time employment and a junior as someone in full time education.  The Club then had donations from members, raffles etc and purchased Chess Clocks.  Club Nights was on Mondays.  Ron Bodily at this time kindly donated the Club Championship Cup which is still used to the present day.  At this time the club was playing in the Northamptonshire Chess League also known as The Silver Kings.

The Daventry Chess Club joined the Leamington & District Chess League with teams in Division 1 and 2.

In 1975, Daventry hosted an Inter Counties Chess Tournament.

Records show that in 1974  a Simultaneous tournament with about 50 others playing against Grand Master Tony Miles.
The Club withdrew from the Northampton League in 1992 

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